The Agroecology X network is organizing this parallel National People's Food System Summit to drum up public awareness and support for our effort to mainstream agroecology and food sovereignty as our response to the UN’s call to transform the current food systems. The Philippine CSOs under Agroecology X believe that only a strong people’s movement can realize a complete shift in who controls the food systems. Only a strong people’s movement can tilt power relations paving the way for the people to put power from corporate hands into those who produce food.

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Pre-Summit Activities


Pre-summit activities are build-up activities to the National People's Food Systems Summit (NPFSS 2021). These are agroecological fairs, webinars, sectoral workshops, discussions, fora, consultations, actions, networking, promotion, public engagement, etc. 


Promotion, Public Engagement, and Networking


The whole activity, starting from the Pre-Summit up to the main NPFSS event, will be promoted on traditional media, and the website and social media sites of the NPFSS. 


Organizations, groups, or individuals can organize their own activities (forums, discussions, webinars, etc) as part of the pre-summit roster of events in order to create a synergy among various groups and sectors. The NPFSS will try to reach out to as many sectors and groups as possible, and coordinate or collaborate whenever there is an opportunity. It will try to explore joint events or activities with other organizations with similar objectives.


Sectoral Workshops


The objective of the sectoral workshops is to build resolutions that will be included in the final manifesto for the NPFSS 2021.


Kwentuhan Klima: Ahon Mangingisda, Kilos Na! Sectoral Workshop on the Fisherfolks and their right to food helath and climate justice 

(February 23, 2021)

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Livestock and Poultry Workshop - KMP
(March 12, 2021)


Plantations Workshop - UMA
(March 19, 2021)


Workers Workshop - UMA/KMU
(March 25, 2021)


Consumers Workshop - SUKI
(April 10, 2021)


Rice Summit - Amihan/Bantay Bigas and Masipag
(April 12, 2021)


Indigenous Peoples - PNFSP/BAI
(June 23, 2021)


Food Processing Workshop 
(July 15, 2021)