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About Agroecology X

Agroecology X is a unique community of organizations, associations, sustainable agriculture practitioners and advocates, social entrepreneurs, organic food buffs, and many other believers and doers of agroecology. It is a platform for the exchange of knowledge, experiences, victories, and solidarity through fairs as a main activity, and other events that will also aim to reach out to broad masses of producers, consumers, advocates and supporters.

How to Join Agroecology X

Any organization and individual willing to join the Agroecology X community and attuned with its beliefs and principles are welcome. Agroecology X is non-exclusive and event invitations are open among its members.

Convenor organizations plan events on mutually-agreed cooperation of ideas, standards, resources, and tasks. Each organization maintains its own independence and autonomy, and its own specific plan of activities. Though in the spirit of synergy, concerned organizations or individuals can participate or contribute to the activity of any of its member’s initiatives on agroecology.

The center of communication is done through a social media Facebook page, Agroecology X. This has been proven effective especially in the time of the COVID pandemic which has been responded to by the Philippine government with the world’s longest lockdown. One of its projects is to develop a microsite. Continuing discussions include agroecology concepts and principles, campaigns, advocacies, urban-gardening, appropriate technologies, food processing and preservation, cooking demonstrations, and other topics related to agroecology.

Possible Agroecology X Events and Activities

Agroecology-related forum/discussion


Bagsakan or farmer’s markets

Agroecology fairs

Campaigns/advocacy activities

Cooking demonstrations

Urban gardening sharing/exchanges

Appropriate technology demonstrations

Agroecology trainings

Food processing and preservation techniques

Agroecology farm visits/exchange

Online agroecology exchanges/sharing

Youth engagements on agroecology-related activities

Women on Agroecology

Herbal medicines/concoctions making

Other promotional activities/creative activities

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