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Throwback Thursday - The Calls for a Filipino Food System: Resolutions from the 2021 National People

Last year, the Agroecology X, a unique community of organizations, associations, sustainable agriculture practitioners and advocates, social entrepreneurs, and many other actors on agroecology, organized the Salu-Salo: The National People’s Food Systems Summit–a parallel summit to the United Nations Food Systems Summit (UN FSS) in order to highlight the calls of different stakeholders in the food system.

The UN FSS aimed to provide directions for governments in shifting towards a food system that will bring the world closer to achieving the sustainable development goals. However, several corporate giants, plutocrats, and heads of states attempt to influence the processes and outcomes of the summit by promoting corporate agenda in the guise of “improving the state of the world”, further cementing their dictate in our systems. Contributors and champions in the summit mostly represent those who spearhead ecologically destructive programs in the Global South subjecting peoples to chronic health and economic crises. It is in this light that small food producers with different stakeholders of food systems staged an alternative summit to provide a platform for their voices to be heard.

With the purpose of attaining a secure, safe, affordable food for and from the Filipino people, forwarded by Agroecology X through the conduct of series of fora organized by different sectors involved in creating, distributing and consuming food, are the following propositions:

1. Stop the liberalization and foreign domination on food 2. Implement genuine land reform 3. Achieve just prices and wages 4. Strengthen Filipino agriculture and develop rural and national industries 5. Fund Filipino food 6. Ensure sufficient and immediate support in times of calamity 7. Promote farmer-led research and development 8. Advance the people’s democratic rights

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