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Agroecology eXchange


Who We Are

Agroecology X is a unique community of organizations, associations, sustainable agriculture practitioners and advocates, social entrepreneurs, organic food buffs, and many other believers and doers of agroecology. It is a platform for the exchange of knowledge, experiences, victories, and solidarity through fairs as a main activity, and other events that will also aim to reach out to broad masses of producers, consumers, advocates and supporters.

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Upcoming Events

  • Sectoral Workshops
    These sectoral workshops are part of the build-up activities to the National People's Food Systems Summit (NPFSS 2021). The objective of the sectoral workshops is to build resolutions that will be included in the final manifesto for the NPFSS 2021.
  • Agroecology Fairs
    Dubbed as “Salu-salo” after the Filipino practice of getting together to eat, the event will be a celebration of effective and appropriate local food systems.

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